Uwell – Caliburn G


The Caliburn G kit has finally arrived and comes in as the new, updated version of the original Caliburn kit!

Built-in is a 690mAh battery which features fast charging thanks to the USB-C port found on the bottom of the device. Great to quickly charge it up before you head out for the day!

The pods now feature changeable coils. So you can keep your pod and simply replace the coils when needed. There are 2 coils included in the box which are a 0.8ohm and 1.0ohm resistance.

Another new feature is the dual airflow design, and it couldn’t be more simple! On the bottom of the pod, you will find a small airflow inlet. On the side of the device itself, you will find a small hole for airflow. If you insert the pod with the airflow inlet on the pod matching the same side as the hole on the device, you will experience more airflow. So, if you turn the pod around with the airflow inlet further away, you will experience a tighter draw.


Uwell – Caliburn G
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